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  • We Consider VALORANT launch day the start of our Episode 1. Each Episode includes Acts, and for every Act, you get a new Battlepass. About every two months, an Act ends along with its associated Battlepass.
  • The Act I VALORANT Battlepass will have 50 tiers open for a limited time with a free and Premium path. By default, our Battlepass is free and available to everyone who logs in during its duration. It will be active alongside your chosen Character contract, and they will progress simultaneously based on the XP you earn from Missions and matches.
  • The Battlepass is broken up into 10 Chapters, where each Chapter contains 5 Premium tiers and rewards a free Chapter completion reward when unlocked. A Chapter is completed when all 5 Premium tiers have been unlocked with XP. Once completed, you’ll earn the Free Chapter Completion Rewards and move on to the next Chapter.
  • You can progress through all 10 Chapters without going Premium, however, you won’t unlock the 5 items within the Premium tiers. You can always go Premium and retroactively unlock the rewards you earned while on the free path.
  • Remember, once a Battlepass expires, your progression on it will be locked and it will not come back.
Our Service Guarantee & Results
  • Profession Boosting Service: All agents are supported.
  • No Cheats, Bots: Our boosters are professional players (Immortal & Radiant rank) who do not use cheats to complete the orders, 100% legit.
  • Fast Service: We can do up to  50k - 70k XP/day.

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