1. What is LoL Wild Rift Boosting?
  • It refers to the process of increasing the rank of an LoL Wild Rift account with the help of a professional high-elo employee (booster).
2. How does it work?
  • After purchasing, one of our employees accepts your boost and begins working on your account. He will start to win ranked games until he reaches your desired rank following your specific order details.
3. Is my account safe?
  • BoostingAZ has perfected all the safety features, including VPN and a range of additional safety measures over its ten years of operation. BoostingAZ remains the safest LoL Boost, Wild Rift Boost service available.
4. What if I have more questions?
  • Do not hesitate to contact us on live chat or through our numerous other contact methods, including social media, phone, or more.