Who Will Win the DK vs. MAD Semi-Final?
DAMWON KIA has been the clear favorite since the beginning of the tournament. Their vision control and ability to stay calm in any situation has set them apart from the rest of the pack.
Going into Saturday’s match most would believe the MAD Lions to be the clear underdogs, but the players do not think of themselves as such. At the MSI Media Day ADC Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság stated that he was confident in winning since the team did manage to take down RNG and that the knock-out stage would be a Bo5, making it a completely different ball game.
Support player Norman "Kaiser" Kaiser also explained that playing a Bo5 is vastly different from a Bo1 and that the team which adapts better will come out victorious in the end. So if the MAD Lions keep up their confidence and play the way they did against RNG, PSG and C9, they’ll have a shot at the 2021 MSI title.
DAMWON KIA won’t be an easy opponent for the LEC team though. Sure, the reigning World Champions had a few blunders in the rumble stage, losing to RNG, but they aren’t focusing on the pressure of coming in as favorites, but rather chose to focus on adjusting the details in their gameplay.
DAMWON head coach Kim "kkOma" Jeong-gyun explained that they chose to face off against MAD Lions in the semi-final since the team thought it was easier to play against them in this situation than PSG.
Will this confidence be their downfall? Looking at the overall record of both teams, DAMWON really stands out. They have the experience of last year's World Championship and a dominant split in the LCK behind them. Not to mention that they managed to claw their way back into games they’d fallen behind thanks to their calm and collected play. Therefore, we do think that DAMWON will be able to adjust to their opponent and move onto the MSI semi-finals. DK 3 - 1 MAD.

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