On October 7, leaks revealed the newest agent, Skye, to the VALORANT lineup. Today, VALORANT gifted the community with a reveal trailer to showcase the new agent and Skye’s abilities. Offering lots of utility, she will quickly become one of VALORANT’s top agents in Act 3.

VALORANT Skye Abilities

Skye is an initiator much like Breach with the ability to flash and stun enemies. This new agent is definitely a great pick for those who prefer to scout out enemies before pushing a site.

Guiding Light

Skye’s E ability, Guiding Light, equips a hawk trinket that she can control. Much like Sova and his drone, she can hold the fire key in order to take control and scout. Pressing the ability key again triggers a flashbang. Guiding Light will best be used for players to scout out Operators at long ranges tp blind or force them off a sightline.

Currently, Guiding Light costs 100 credits and Skye can hold up to 3 charges of this ability.


With Q, Skye can send out a tiger trinket as another form of seeking out enemies. Trailblazer’s tiger lasts roughly 7 to 8 seconds while Skye controls it over the full duration. Upon reaching an enemy, pressing the fire key sets the tiger to explode. This concussive blast stuns and damages the enemy, leaving them vulnerable for attack.

Trailblazer costs 200 credits but Skye can only hold one charge, so this ability needs proper timing to get the best value.


Skye equips a healing trinket with C for Regrowth.  While equipped, players can press fire, channeling an area of effect heal. The heal is only for teammates within the AOE range and line of sight of Skye. Skye can use this ability until her healing pool is depleted, similar to Viper’s poison.


Image credit to Riot Games.

Skye’s ultimate, Seekers, is a growth of flowers that automatically hunts for enemies. 3 orbs, which mirror the movement and speed of Twin Hunters from Spike Rush, fly out to find the nearest enemies.

Upon reaching targets, the orbs cause near-sightedness in enemies, much like Omen’s Paranoia. Skye’s Seekers ability currently costs 7 ultimate orbs.

Skye overall is a great agent for scouts and entry fraggers alike. Her abilities see its best use when displacing, annoying, or incapacitating enemies to help the team push sites open areas. She’ll see lots of success with tight corridors in a map like Icebox. Only upon release in VALORANT Act 3 will players get a true feel for how she can best be used.

(Written by Alana Thompson - esportznetwork.com)


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