Top 5 Landing Spots for Loot in Apex Legends

One of the most important aspects of any battle royale game is figuring out where to drop, as your dropping location can significantly affect the outcome of your match. With so many different areas in Kings Canyon, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

To help you find the best looting spots in Apex Legends, we have compiled a list of some of the best places to obtain loot from in Kings Canyon.

Hot Zones

At the beginning of every match, a Hot Zone will be marked on the map by a large blue circle. Throughout this highlighted area, players will find that there is an increased chance of receiving higher tiered armor, as well as decked out weapons that are complete with all attachments.

Given that every player in the match sees Hot Zones, you can only imagine just how intense this area can get, especially when it is close to the beginning of the flight path.

If you're lucky and the zone isn't directly along the flight path, there is a much higher chance that players will just bypass the zone in favor of another area.

Hot Zones can be very risky, but if your willing to battle it out with many other players, the chances are you will be highly rewarded.


If you're looking to loot in peace, the Thunderdome is going to be one of your best bets.

Thunderdome has often been one of my favorite go-to areas to drop at because you will rarely ever encounter a fight during the opening minutes of the match.

While the area isn't exactly massive, it will have enough loot for your entire team. Once your team is decked out and ready, Skull Town is a great option to move on as you will often find at least one team in the area - making it an ideal opportunity to launch a surprise attack on the unsuspecting players.

Supply Ship

Unique to Apex Legends, players have the opportunity to loot from the Supply Ship - the best initial looting spot available in Kings Canyon.

The Supply Ship, much like Hot Zones, will be marked on the map for all players see and will travel across the map until it reaches a marked destination. Here the ship will deploy zip-lines that can be used to travel upwards towards the ship.

If you're lucky, you may even have the opportunity to land on top of the Supply Ship if your flight path is nearby. More often then not, the ship will be the fastest way to deck out your entire team and will beat out other areas in terms of loot quality and rare items.

However, it is arguably one of the most intense dropping situations you will ever encounter and will usually see upwards of two or more teams landing on the small ship, so prepare for a rather hectic battle.


Located in the north-eastern corner of Kings Canyon, you will find a small area known as Relay. Much like Thunderdome, you are often left to loot in peace and will rarely find players landing in the area.

With enough loot to satisfy your entire team, Relay is an ideal drop location as it allows players of all skill levels the opportunity to explore and learn the ropes.

Supply Drops

While Supply Drops won't necessarily be available right off the bat, they do happen to be a great way to obtain rare loot. Working in the same way as PUBG and Fortnite, you will find these randomly dropping from the sky throughout the match.

The chances are though, you won't be the only player seeking out these supply drop. However, it is very unlikely that these drops will attract the same level of attention that is seen at the Supply Ship and Hot Zones.

Before you go rushing into the drop zone, it is worth your while to scope out your surroundings and ensure that you aren't going to be ambushed by other players.

Water Treatment

Often producing tons of mid to high tier loot across several large buildings and Supply Boxes, the Water Treatment plant is currently one of my favorite locations to land.

Although the area may be quite the distance from other nearby locations, I have only ever encountered players in this area on one occasion.

Should players ever land at this location though, it's height advantages and large concrete walls make it a prime area for tactical plans.

If a slower style of play is more your jam, then the Water Treatment plant is a must drop location for you and your team.




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