Steam’s 2021 Summer Sale begins, offers ‘choose your own adventure’ style of discounts

This summer, Valve is inviting you to choose your own adventure in its annual Steam Summer Sale, offering games catered to your interests in a different way than ever before.

The Steam Summer Sale returned today, bringing a large number of discounts to the virtual video game store. Compared to previous years, however, the sale isn’t only available in its original form. This year, Valve is offering a major part of the sale experience through a “choose your own adventure” format—titled “Forge Your Fate”—requiring users to navigate various parts of an amusing story that ventures through the genres of the games being offered within the sale.

When accessing the Summer Sale’s main page, users will be motioned to read a short passage to begin the story, bringing them into Valve’s whacky storytelling of a hero’s journey. Users are prompted to select an option to the first question, which will enable them to embark on their journey and into the sales catered to the option of their choosing. The options for the first question determine what genre of games you’ll see within the sale, though you’re encouraged to go back and choose each option to see the sale in its entirety. These genres include action, adventure, RPG, strategy, simulation, sports and racing, horror, survival, open world, sci-fi and cyberpunk, mystery and detective, space, roguelike, and anime.

For those who continue with the adventures offered through the Steam Summer Sale stories, exclusive stickers are available to earn depending on the choices made after the first question is answered. Only one sticker is available for each answer, so be wary in choosing your option since there’s no other way to receive the other sticker.

Of course, if you don’t want to partake in the “choose your own adventure” style of Steam’s Summer Sale, all of the sales are readily available on Steam’s main website—though the sheer amount of sales will require a bit of navigation.

The 2021 Steam Summer Sale is now available via Steam’s main website, with all of the discounts—along with the choose your own adventure stories—being available until July 8.

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