Nvidia GeForce’s hide HUD feature makes players immune to flashes in VALORANT

Nvidia GeForce Experience optimizes your settings, updates your drivers, and improves and enhances your games with real-time post-processing filters—but it also indirectly installs hacks into VALORANT.

The application’s hide head-up display feature removes the minimap, ability icons, and health bar, and—inadvertently—renders flashes useless. 

A user on Reddit demonstrated the glitch with KAY/O—the game’s latest agent.

His FLASH/drive ability worked as intended when the HUD was up and running, filling the screen with a bright green and yellow light for a couple of seconds. But when removed, the flash barely made an impact, popping for a split-second but leaving KAY/O with almost total visibility. 

The bug presumably also works with every agent with a flash, including Breach, Phoenix, Skye, and Yoru. It doesn’t seem to affect near-sighted flashes like Omen’s Paranoia and Reyna’s Leer, though.

The bug is potentially game-breaking, giving players an unfair advantage. They could quite easily bind the hide HUD feature to a key, enable it while playing a game of solo queue, flash out into the open, and bag themselves some quick and easy kills.

It remains to be seen how Riot will respond to this, but fixing the bug should be the dev’s No. 1 priority. 

Update June 25 6:30am CT: The bug has now been fixed.


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