mousesports won a three map series against Evil Geniuses, including a 16-0 on Nuke, the decider map, to secure a spot in the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals semi-finals against Astralis.

mousesports kept their clean winning streak against Evil Geniuses alive by winning a 16-0 decider map on Nuke in their ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals quarter-final bout. The European team made it three out of three with their current lineup against the North American side to secure a spot in the semi-finals where they will face off against local favorites Astralis.

mousesports took the lead early on in their quarter-final bout against Evil Geniuses, winning the first pistol round on the attacking side of Train. Evil Geniuses won the first gun round, making it 1-3, before several chaotic rounds went back and forth, giving mousesports a sturdy 5-2 start on the Terrorist side. Evil Geniuses almost stole a save round, but Özgür "woxic" Eker saved it in a 1vs1 afterplant on A. Down by five, Evil Geniuses called a timeout to try and stop the hemorrhage, but were only able to tally two more rounds before the half, making it 4-11.

A 1vs2 clutch by Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte in an A afterplant kept the North Americans alive, but losing to the second round forcebuy all but ended the map for Evil Geniuses, who were unable to break mousesports’ defenses and were only able to score one more round before the European side claimed the series lead with a final score of 16-6 on Train.

mousesports were once again first out of the gate, this time on the CT side of Inferno, winning the first five rounds before EG could retaliate. Close rounds meant the European side had a low economy, and losing a forcebuy and a full eco brought it within two. Evil Geniuses kept up the pace and tied it up. With 6-6 on the board, an ace by woxic got his team back in the lead, but it was Evil Geniuses who were able to close out the half in the lead, 8-7.

The American side killed all mousesports players in the second pistol round, but they were unable to defuse the bomb in time to win the round. The Europeans took a 10-8 lead before the first gun round, but Evil Geniuses were quick to bring it back to a tie. A successful B entry with 12-11 on the board inched mousesports closer to the finish line, but a miracle round by EG when down 14-11 kept them in contention. When it counted most, with 14-14 on the board, Finn "karrigan" Andersen pulled through with three opening kills to hit match point, but mousesports were unable to close out against pistols as EG pushed it to overtime.

The North American side then controlled the first half of overtime, and although they almost gave it up by losing a 4vs2 with the A-site controlled on the attacking side, they were eventually able to close it out, 19-17, to force a third map.

Evil Geniuses were no match for mouz on Nuke

On Nuke, mousesports once again started off ahead. On the CT side, the European combine were completely dominant as Evil Geniuses ran into the defensive wall time and time again, all the way to a 10 round deficit. It looked like EG would then finally get on the board, but two AWP kills by woxic at close distance in hut increased mouz’s lead to 11-0. The Europeans then went on to close the half out without losing a round, 15-0. Four kills by woxic in the second pistol round sealed the deal, as mousesports booked their spot in the semis with a 16-0.




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