CS2 Servers Still Run On 64 ticks, But There Are Some Nuances

A Reddit user has provided evidence that CS2 servers are running on tickrate 64.

A Reddit user with the nickname mefjuu experimented with Counter-Strike 2 tickrate. The fan not only found out that the game's servers work at a tickrate of 64 but also created a server with a tickrate of 128. This looks like a deception on the part of Valve because the developers actively advertised the subtick system, which was supposed to completely replace tickrate. However, not everything is so simple.

Tickrate 64 in combination with subtick

In fact, although the base tickrate of the servers remains at 64, the subtick system also works. Valve said that the tickrate is not important, however, it seems that the developers can't properly optimize the system so far, which is why some of the actions are calculated as in CS:GO, and the other part is calculated using the subtick system.

Counter-Strike 2 currently has a special system for processing player actions
Counter-Strike 2 currently has a special system for processing player actions

That is, implementing the subtick system has already begun, and it is in CS2. This can be confirmed by many players who have noticed changes in the hit registration. However, Counter-Strike 2 is still in beta, and the developers are gradually testing all the new project changes, so the subtick system is still not used to its full potential. This can significantly increase the load on the servers.

The difference between tickrate of 64 and 128 in Counter-Strike 2

In addition to proving that CS2 works at a tick rate of 64, the user could transfer the game server to a tick rate of 128. Officially, Valve removed this feature from the game, but a fan could do it in a not-very-legal way (be careful: you can get a VAC ban for this).

To transfer your server to a tick rate of 128, you just need to change the value in one of the files, after which the basic tick rate will become 128. However, what will change?

Testing is impossible because it is a very complex process requiring much work. However, it is possible to say that the hits will be counted approximately the same way as when tickreite 64. But the grenades have changed significantly.

Smoke grenade on tickreite 64
Smoke grenade on tickrate 64

Valve promised that now grenades will always fly the same way, regardless of the server settings, so they even completely removed the jumpthrow bind because it is unnecessary if the grenades fly the same way. However, with the tickrate change, everything was completely wrong. Smokes in Counter-Strike 2 fly further at tickrate 128. The difference is almost not noticeable, so at least part of what Valve promised has been fulfilled.

Smoke grenade with tickreite 128
Smoke grenade with tickrate 128

What does it mean?

In fact, experiments with different Counter-Strike 2 tickrates do not actually say anything yet. The game is still in the testing stage, and a huge number of things will undergo changes. The only thing that can be said for sure is that Valve is changing the technical part of the game and changing it for the better.

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